What Information is Required on the Arc Flash Label?

Arc Flash Label

Arc Flash Warning LabelNFPA 70e (2012) article 130.5 (C) states that electrical equipment such as; Electrical switchboards, electrical panels and panelboards, electrical control panels, meter socker enclosures (meter bases), and motor controls centers (MCCs) that are in locations other than dwelling places (residential housing), and are likely to be serviced by a worker, shall be Field Marked with a warning label containing all the following information;

1. At least one of the following:

  • Available indident energy and the cooesponding working distance (Calorie Rating @ 18″).
  • Minimum arc rating of clothing (Rating of PPE to use).
  • Required Level of PPE to use.
  • Highest Hazard Risk Category (HRC) to use.

2. The nominal system voltage.

3. The arc flash boundary.

Note that any approved label that was applied prior to Sept 30, 2011 is acceptable IF is states the Incident Energy or the specific level of PPE to use.

Also, note that you must be able to provide documentation to show how the data on the label was calculated. In other words, you can’t just guess or assume information and put it on a label. You must have documented the methods of the calculations that you used.